"Equipping business ownership and leadership prior to graduation is a cross-cutting goal in all SIMI Swiss training programs, and BossCamp is a critical component of this strategy."
Dr. Franco
Chancellor of SIMI Swiss

BossCamp Switzerland

BossCamp of Switzerland is proud to be the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program first implemented in Zug, Switzerland.

BossCamp Switzerland implements SIMI Swiss’s exclusive B.O.S.S. training model, which has been researched, developed, and applied globally.

The B.O.S.S. Model provides a comprehensive leadership and management capacity by (B) Build – Building a business; (O) Organize – Organizing a business; (S) Spread – Expanding and Growing the business; and (S) Sustain – Creating a sustainability in business


modules connect to the mainstream program


in Switzerland & Poland


activities both inside and outside of class


becoming entrepreneurs

Distinctions of BossCamp Switzerland

First in Switzerland

BossCamp Switzerland is a program that nurtures entrepreneurship and leadership abilities first implemented in Zug.

Ready and confident to lead

Postgraduate students can fit in the role of entrepreneurs or managers in the global economy.

Partnerships with top ranking university

BossCamp Switzerland is a collaboration between The Swiss Innovation and Management Institution and the highest-ranked university in Poland – The University of Information Technology and Management

High-class Infrastructure

The program is held in Switzerland and Poland and is supported by a system of international-standard facilities.

Credit Accumulation

BossCamp of Switzerland is the mainstream program; credits are accumulated when completing the program

Led by experts

Experts lead leadership development activities with expertise and practical experience.

B.O.S.S Model

B - Build your business

The program provides tools to help you turn ideas into an effective business plan

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O - Organize your business

The program provides capabilities to organize enterprises you have formed in Phase B – Build

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S - Spread your business

The program helps you increase revenue, expand customer networks and business activities

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S - Sustain your business

The program helps you manage risks and personal development skills as a business owner

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BossCamp Switzerland is a program that nurtures leadership and entrepreneurship abilities first implemented in Zug

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