Campus of International Educationin Kielnarowa

The Campus of International Education (CEM) is a technologically advanced campus dedicated to international training with Poland’s most cutting-edge facilities and technology application systems. The campus is a self-contained office building in Kielnarowa that has been in operation since 2011.

CEM is an innovative and comprehensive EU UITM project implemented under the operational program “Development of Eastern Poland”. The University of Rzeszów is Poland’s first non-public university to get funding under this program.

CEM covers 5,500 square meters with an investment of 27 million PLN. This campus is equipped with advanced technical laboratories and the most expensive systems such as Humanoid Robots to conduct studies, Bio Simulators to give real experience, a Stock Market Simulator System, and an Airline Reservation System that are innovative solutions on the scale of Polish and even European universities.

The modern didactic building houses: an auditorium for 300 people equipped with the latest IT equipment for projections, lecture rooms, training rooms, and a multimedia library with special heating and lighting management systems.

CEM is fully automated and is outfitted with specialized equipment. Experts in the IT industry and those in the creative and innovative ones are continuously updated in training. Backup systems, translation, and interpretation systems for international conferences are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Especially, UITM’s international training campus is equipped with modern IT solutions that also help in the efficient functioning of people with disabilities like visually impaired, hearing impaired, and mobility impaired.

In addition, the building also has 17 laboratories of modern tele-information technologies specializing in audio and video transmission (media), all outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Other basic laboratories of the basics of automation and robotics, financial laboratory, sound processing, and acoustics laboratory, as well as the laboratory of intelligent information systems, computer graphics, digital art, and remote medical diagnostics

CEM is proud to be the first campus to implement the virtual cave function as a part of the Image Processing and Virtual Reality Laboratory. The students use 3D glasses to see a three-dimensional, walk around the virtual world, listen to the sounds or even touch the objects thanks to the special gloves. This technology is useful for physical training, environmental research, tourism, hotels, restaurants, and sports and allows students to see entities as they happen directly in front of their eyes. The students and scientists will create virtual worlds for cave users during the classes, and The Academy of National Defense became interested in this laboratory to simulate the battlefield.

The Laboratory of Computer Graphics and Digital Art shows how to use computer science to implement two-dimensional flat graphics and 3D graphics using a three-dimensional object scanner and a three-dimensional printer.

The Financial Laboratory simulates the stock exchange and brokerage conditions using 24 computers (terminals) with dual monitors, similar to those used by stockbrokers to make the use of financial software, particularly price charts for specific financial products simple and pleasant. There is also a video wall with six smaller monitors presenting various financial data in the laboratory. The laboratory also offers access to business channels as part of satellite digital TV. In turn, the campus purchased over a dozen modern robots such as humanoid and industrial ones used in factories in Poland.

The Laboratory of Teaching Techniques simulates various teaching environments that provide lecturers with the most cutting-edge technology in a modern e-learning system.

The Laboratory of Remote Medical Diagnostics will show students how to use computer science in medicine. Telemedicine or remote monitoring of the patient’s condition help improve hospitals’ operations and doctors’ work, e.g., performing remote operations. This program is equipped with high image and sound quality, allowing direct operation transmission to another place and exact remote diagnosis.

In 2015, CEM received a 10 million PLN investment in training for specialists to improve the technology development in Podkarpacie.

The Campus of International Education (CEM) in Kielnarowa was recognized as the best-managed project in Poland in the Polish Project Excellence Award 2010 competition (PPEA).


Laboratories at the Center for International Education:

  1. Laboratory of adaptation of economics innovations in object-oriented information technologies
  2. Laboratory of parallel processing architecture and parallel programming
  3. Laboratory of automation and robotics
  4. Laboratory of optoelectronics physics and telecommunications metrology
  5. Laboratory of computer graphics and digital art
  6. Laboratory of intelligent information systems – diagnostic imaging
  7. Laboratory of software engineering
  8. Laboratory of microscopy
  9. Laboratory for measuring transducers, darkroom for physics, optoelectronics, and telecommunications metrology
  10. Laboratory of computer designs and tele information networks
  11. Laboratory of sound processing and acoustics
  12. Laboratory of virtual reality and image processing
  13. Laboratory of spectrometry and spectroscopy
  14. Laboratory of data storage techniques – information repository
  15. Laboratory of teaching techniques supported by modern telecommunications technologies
  16. Laboratory of advanced network technologies and wireless technologies
  17. Laboratory of remote medical diagnostics | Cổng game Bom Tấn Hội Tụ tải b29